Features in fynd

Visual Calendar

FYND is an innovative, visual calendar app with built in location services making managing your day and meeting up with friends and colleagues so much easier and fun!


Import your contacts from your phone and send them an invite to fynd using either SMS or E-mail.


Send messages to your contacts or events using our messaging services.


During a live event, if you wish some privacy without having to leave an event, hit the blackout button to remove yourself from the location sharing service.

Location Sharing (Map View)

During your event you can use our map view to see where the location of your event is being held and where each of the attendees are in relation to you and the event.

Location Services (Augmented Reality View)

We are really excited about this feature which augments the position of your event and the attendees over your camera view. This allows you to see where everything in the event is proportionally to your location. This is a great feature that will help you find someone in a crowd of people or just help you orientate yourself to where you are heading when leaving the subway.


An event is mobile and does not always stay in one place. In fynd there is a hotspot function which will allow you to set static locations to let all the participants know where to gravitate towards next.

Group Contacts

We naturally assign people into groups, Work Friends, Family, Friday Drinking group. fynd enables you to create groups out of your contacts so setting up events are simpler. Sometimes one person will intersect across multiple groups being both a family member and your Friday night drinking buddy, that’s fine you can add contacts to multiple groups.

Create your own events

Create your own events to start using fynd. Set your event description, add a location, set the time and date of your event and add your friends. You can even add a picture to liven up your invite using either our pre-loaded images or from the pictures on your phone.

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fynd Demo


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